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Globe String Light Sets With G30 Bulbs

Buy Novelty Lights globe shaped G30 outdoor string lights sets available on green, white, brown and black wire and every color possible.  These G30 globe string light sets come in both 25 light and 100 light sets to meet your particular lighting project. The 25 light sets come with a 25 pack of bulbs that fit into the 25 socket c7 stringer, also included. We also offer a deluxe package that includes an extra set of g30 bulbs at a discounted price. For the 100 light sets, you will receive a 100 c7 socket stringer and 125 bulbs, including 25 extra bulbs at an excellent value. These Novelty Lights outdoor string light sets will create that special ambiance for your garden, patio, deck, or special event tent. 

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