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LED Neon Flex Rope Lights

LED Neon flex Rope Light is the next generation in flexible lighting design.  We combined our advanced 3528 SMD LED technology and encased these LED’s into a flexible molded PVC creating a vibrant continuous neon glow without hot spots or dots.   Our highly durable weather resistant Flexineon can replace traditional glass neon at a fraction of the cost without using any expensive transformers.  Our Flexible LED neon rope light is available in 8 Vibrant colors.   You can order full 150’ spools with 5 Connector kits included so you can make your own custom runs.  Or we can custom cut your Neon flex on any 1.5’ increment and add a 6’ power cord.  All LED Neon Flex rope light is cuttable on 1.5’ cut marks. Rated IP65 so it can be used for all indoor and outdoor applications. All LED’s are spaced 1/3” apart with a 120-degree beam angle wired parallel so if one LED goes out the rest stay lit.   Built to last with a 30,000 hour rated life. Our LED Neon Flex Rope Lights is the wave of the future with greater functionality and unequaled quality.  Make the switch today!