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LED Christmas Lights for Crafts

LED Christmas Lights for crafts with Non Connectable (no end-to-end plug) connections perfect for wine bottles and glass block projects. Because these craft LED Mini lights use LED's they product no heat and are very energy efficient.

  • 50 Light Yellow LED Battery Operated Light String on White Wire
  • Waterproof Case with Clamps
  • Timer Function-6 Hours On and 18 Hours Off
  • Set timer for same time every day
  • Runs on 3 D batteries (not included)
  • Commercial Grade Non-Removable LED Bulbs
  • Will Operated for 2 week once the timer is set
  • 20" spacing between battery pack and first bulb
  • 4" spacing between bulbs
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Yellow 5mm wide angle LED bulbs


$4.99 $13.95